Getting Started with ClearID API

This guide is intended for developers who want to automate functionalities via the REST API


Genetec ClearID™ is a self-service Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) solution for Synergis™. Using Genetec ClearID™, you can take control of access and compliance by using a rule-based approach through a web-based interface.

ClearID APIs follows the best practices for REST (Representational State Transfer) and leverage the standard HTTP verbs: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE

The API is developed with two main objectives:
Platform independence. Any client should be able to call the API, regardless of how the API is implemented internally. This requires using standard protocols, and having a mechanism whereby the client and the web service can agree on the format of the data to exchange.

Service evolution. The web API should be able to evolve and add functionality independently from client applications. As the API evolves, existing client applications should continue to function without modification.

ClearID is an API first service and the Web interface is entirely built on top of that REST API, in consequence the majority of the functionalities from the Web interface is accessible via REST endpoints.


ClearID User Manuals

If you are not familiar with the functionality that offers ClearID, we recommend having a look at the User manual at