ClearID Architecture

In Genetec ClearID™, globally distributed architecture synchronizes data between local sites, regional services, and global services. The web application modules perform tasks or share data between the authoritative sources, Genetec ClearID™, and the endpoints.

Regional versus global services
The following diagram illustrates what data is stored, where data is stored, and how data flows between the local sites, the regional services, and the global services:


Genetec ClearID™ takes advantage of multiple Azure data centers, minimizing risk by storing encrypted data about identities/employees in the data center closest to the country specified in the identity json object.

For example, when an Identity is created in ClearID, the country is a mandatory attributes, if the Country of the Identity is set to France, Genetec ClearID™ will stored all the private data about that Identity encrypted in an Azure Datacenter located in Europe.

When using the API, your system will always communicates with API Endpoints at the Global services Level but the API services might transparently push the information to a Regional Datacenter without storing it locally. The API Services try to isolate as much as possible that complexity from the client system using the APIs.