Account for dev/test sandbox

We have 2 instance of ClearID deployed in the Cloud.
Demo and test environment
Production environment

If you need to develop something with the ClearID API, we don't recommend doing it on your production environment where you have a live Security Synergis system controlling real doors in your building. It very easy to impact real users and overload your subscription license by creating dummy Identities.

You can find the details how to connect ClearID and Synergis in the online administrator guides.

Since we are using a totally different set of servers for Development versus real Production Accounts, the base URI of the API endpoint is different.


Getting a development account

If you don't have an account on, please contact your Genetec representative to get a development account.


Security Center demo instance

To test properly your integration with ClearID, you might need to request a demo license of Security Center Synergis that you install on a windows machine to have a completely isolated system.